Which type of transcription do you need?

Tasman Transcription will transcribe your audio professionally and accurately and we’ll turn it around quickly.  We offer you two types of transcription:

Tasman Transcription Strict Verbatim

1. Strict Verbatim Transcripts

With verbatim transcripts, every word or line spoken or mumbled by the speaker is transcribed as it was spoken. This includes non-verbal utterances, such as ums and ahs. It can also include stutters, filler phrases, false starts, coughing, laughter and background noises.

Tasman Transcription Intelligent Verbatim

2. Intelligent Verbatim Transcripts

Intelligent verbatim transcripts or clean transcripts are the more common type of transcript. Here, fillers and repetitions, ums, ahs and pauses, that may distract from the content or that add no value to the content, are edited out.


Benefit from our multi-industry experience

No matter what your field, you’ll find our expert transcriptionists have a good knowledge of industry terminology to ensure accuracy.