How transcription works

At Tasman Transcription, we strive to make getting your content transcribed as easy as possible.

1. You contact us.

2. We discuss your requirements, including:

  • Preferred style of verbatim

  • Project details, including formatting, identification, etc

  • Deadlines

  • Confidentiality agreements

3. We confirm the details with you in writing.

4. You provide us with your audio file either:

  • Via our transcription management system;

  • Via a secure file sharing site;

  • Via e-mail; or

  • On CD or DVD

5. We accurately and efficiently transcribe your audio.

6. We proofread it thoroughly.

7. We send you your transcript in document format to your specifications within the agreed timeframe.

8. We confirm you are happy with the document provided.

9. We look forward to our next assignment from you.